project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA child, senior, family photographer

This week’s theme:


I had to look this one up myself.  Editorial photography refers to images that are in magazines but aren’t ads.  They support the written word to an article or to the cover of a magazine.  Every month our international project 12 group gives us a prompt and then its up to us to interpret it as we the artist feel.  Our group struggled with this topic – we postponed our post date twice and many of us, myself included, were brain blocked on what exactly to do.  I played around a lot with post processing, had a lot of fun and learned a few things too.

My first image I imagined to be attached to an article about airport security since the World Trade Center bombings.  As many of you know, last Sunday our plane in Maui was delayed for hours because the San Jose stowaway dropped out of our plane’s wheel well while we were loading so it’s on my mind.  We have had so many limitations set upon us as we travel now and yet an impulsive 16 year old was able to hop a fence and jump on a plane.  The image shows our innocence (and ignorance maybe) in the doe eyed girl and the haze we have been in since that unfortunate day.  To make this picture I combined four different images on top of each other.  A girl + convention center lights + a building sign +sculpture = final picture.

editorial lindsayworldtrade project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

DSC 9823B lu wtc project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

These next images were to show the pressure teen girls feel in today’s society.  Trapped and overwhelmed.  Again, I used 3 images on top of each other to convey these feelings.katiex2 project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

Three image composite, no real meaning.  I just liked it.

DSC 5613 kt 2images project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

I am not even sure what to say about these last ones.  I just saw it on tube and thought it looked really cool.  They are called “double exposures.”  A lot harder to do than than it looks.  What I have learned is that the technique to put it all together is not as hard as finding the right pictures to pair together.  I suspect that once you start doing more of these you can shoot with the right perspective and shapes in mind.  So here are my plays.  These all had a base image of a person + some type of plant.  I guess I had spring on my mind.  Don’t forget to check out Melissa Deakin | Williamsville, NY

DSC 0053 grant tree project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

DSC 9823 lu tree project 12 {editorial} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

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Suzanne Carey - Krista, I don’t think anyone else could have pulled this off as successfully as you or would have even thought about doing something so cool! Kudos to you for trying something totally new and creative. I love them all but my fav is the very last one. So striking! Bravo my friend!

melissa deakin - krista–where do i even begin? AMAZING! I love how you combined those four images to create the first image with your daughter. I cannot believe what happened to you on the plane. YIKES. The double exposure images–my jaw is still on the ground; can’t wait to try that myself. I just love your work so much. You are so talented!

Allison Jacobs - These are so amazing that I can’t even find the words to tell you how amazing I think they are!!! I love them ALL!

Christine b - LOVE these!!! So much!! You blow me away every time. I missed the part about that being your plane with the stowaway…crazy!!

Kim - These are beautiful, I love how you always take these challenges to the next level. I feel like I could see these images in Vanity Fair or Vogue.

amber norris - These are so amazing! What a “out of the box” take on our theme! I love them! I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so cool. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica - WOW–these are absolutely spectacular!!!! I couldn’t pick a favorite… I have been meaning to play with both of these methods, and you have totally inspired me (but intimidated me!!!!) to give it a shot… Love your concepts, too!

Laura Veno - Krista, I LOVE your take on this theme! Beautiful work. I’ve seen the double exposures, but haven’t taken the time to learn about them. Totally nailed this one!

project 12 {Out of Focus} | Danville CA child, senior, family photographer

This week’s theme:



Last weekend, my daughter and I were in downtown Denver for a volleyball tournament.  I had forgotten what it is like to sleep in a city with various sirens going off randomly and somewhat constantly all night long.  Each night I tried a different sleep aid and each night I topped out on 4 hours of sleep.  I was ready to call the police and tell them to put their sirens on mute or this mamma was going need some of their help.  As I stumbled through the city streets groggily trying to find the convention center, I was somewhat surprised at how forthright the homeless were begging  for “cash for hash.”  Yes, they didn’t want my food or money for Starbucks or even alcohol.  Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado they were very honest and persistent about what they wanted.  And also quite insistent that I not take their pictures…to the point of hand slapping the would-be photographer.  

As I watched volleyball in a room with 100′s of volleyball teams, whistles blowing, crowds clapping and cheering, and balls dive bombing my head I couldn’t help but think that this week’s theme is in the bag…so to speak.  Since I couldn’t think clearly, not focusing was perfect for me. However, apparently, out of focus pictures do require some thought and skill. And it just wasn’t happening in that gym.  So on one of our breaks I wandered the city taking pictures of shapes and movement. My second hand slap of the day came when I was asked by a security guard not to take pictures of this building he was guarding.  He couldn’t tell me why, he only knew that I needed to stop.  Hmm…something fishy going on.   All in all, I do really like the photos I am showing here.  The first two photos are my family’s favorites.  I tried a something different when processing these and I have to say I really love it.  The left  photo is of 16th street which is one of the busiest streets in Denver and it’s simply beautiful with the bare trees lining the street dotted with shadows of the homeless vets that scattered along the benches.  My favorite part of the bottom image are the bike wheels.  They were really not that big in real life and not quite sure why they are here but I must be really good at not focusing because I made those wheels look super powerful :).  

Don’t miss out on traveling through our portrait circle and on to the stunning photography of  Melissa Deakin | Williamsville, NY Photographer

combo project 12 {Out of Focus} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

DSC 0466 project 12 {Out of Focus} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer



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Jessica - Krista, I love the colors and sense of movement in these–they are lovely!

christineb - I always love the stories that go along with your images…too funny you got hand slapped and the guards too : ) Beautiful colors, totally different and cool.

Laura Veno - Krista, these are beautiful! Totally works of art. I could see these in some really cool places in the Dallas area.
With the building thing- I know there are some “famous” buildings in Dallas and Fort Worth, in which the people who own the building have copyrighted any images of the building. They all have security guards making sure no one is taking pictures of them. :) I’ve heard the Eiffel Tower can’t be photographed at night, too, since that’s the image that’s trademarked. Crazy!

melissa deakin - i love how you see the world and how you capture with your camera, krista! these are all amazing and the colors are incredible! the last image is so cool–love the wheels and it feels like there is movement in the image. amazing, as always! love your work!

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Me & Mine {February} | Danville CA Family Photographer

New group, new year!  I have joined a new group of international ladies to celebrate our families each month.  These posts always seem to be the hardest to remember to grab but when I look back over the years and see them all I am very grateful.

I am just going to ask – is there anyone else out there that thinks they look like their 25 year old self but when you look in the mirror or at yourself in pictures you kinda jump back and say, “whoa, who is THAT?”  Yea, that’s where I am at.

Here is shot of my son and I.

Here is a shot of my Grandma Katherine on her last day, in her last hour.  Glad I could be there with her.

Don’t forget to continue on in our circle and check out Melissa’s beautiful self and family – Melissa Gray.

DSC 0149 cropped Me & Mine {February} | Danville CA Family PhotographerDSC 9462 Me & Mine {February} | Danville CA Family Photographer

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Melissa - so very, very touching.

BobbiJo - Oh what nice images and great memories. your son really looks like you!

project 12 {soulful portraits} | Danville CA child, senior, family photographer

This month my portrait group’s theme was “soulful” portraits.  To me this is a picture that gives you a glimpse of who someone is… at first glance.  My first try at this was not a success and it ended with me questioning if teenage girls really do have souls.  I had to sit on this and think about it for awhile before I would make my second attempt at this project.  After a bag of Valentine jelly hearts I found the strength to try this again.  But this time I asked each of my kids to come out into the garage one at a time and sit. They chose which direction to face and how to sit.  All of these pictures were with in the first 15 shots.  When I look at these images I am reminded how young Lindsay still really is, how old Grant is becoming and how soon Katie will be gone and on her own.  When I look at these images I am reminded how much I love them and how  I need to remember to feed their souls.

Don’t forget to continue on in our circle and check out Christine Blaylock :  Suburban Chicago – newborn-child-family photographer.  You will really enjoy her work!

soulful collage project 12 {soulful portraits} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

collage 2 project 12 {soulful portraits} | Danville CA  child, senior, family photographer

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christineb - i knew you would rock this assignment. Your words match the images perfectly. I just love each and everyone of these Krista.

Kim - These are gorgeous, the lighting is perfect! When I read your description of each child, their portrait conveys exactly that!

melissa deakin - Krista–these are amazing! Truly, I am speechless. They are so stunning and capture each of them so perfectly. Incredible work!

Allison Jacobs - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Both the images & your words. We DO need to feed their souls & that can be such a challenge sometimes. The connection you have with each of them just shines through the camera. <3 <3 <3

Cassandra - wow these are amazing! Seriously blown me away!! Such beautiful connections! wow just wow!!

Laurie - I love these Krista! Beautiful lighting and all are very soulful. What gorgeous children you have!

Jessica - Krista, these are just so beautiful, as always, and so absolutely soulful… <3

Laura Veno - Oh, Krista, I knew you would totally nail this. When we got the assignment, I totally thought of your daughters. Your pics of them are always so soulful! Love, love, love these. I LOVE your line about “feeding their souls”, too. You are SO right! Something I try to remember every day. :)

Amber - Krista! These are all stunning. I can’t pick a favorite. You are such an amazing photographer.

project 12 {reflection} | Danville CA child, senior, family photographer

It’s a new year and a new photography group, full of promise for wonderful things to come.  In 2014, I made a few promises to myself.  One promise is I will actually get back in shape after a 5 year hiatus from the gym.  So without letting my self think I hired a personal trainer and I am going to suffer through it to get back in shape.  I started yesterday and I can now barely lift my arms above my waist, let alone hold my heavy camera! So my big plan of trying a few things out for this month’s theme is going to have to …not happen.  Another one of my promises is embracing imperfection and I think today is a perfect day to start!

Our blog circle grew by two talented photographers and I am excited for them to join in.  Welcome to Laurie and Cassandra!  This month’s theme is reflection.  Remember it can be interpreted in any way the photographer feels it.  I only knew that I wanted to do something not so obvious and not so easy.  I think I got the “not so obvious” part but it was kinda easy.  Oh, well. You can’t win them all!

Don’t forget to continue on in our circle with one of my favorite photographers, Suzanne Carey  | Hattiesburg, MS Child & Family Photographer.  I really love her!

DSC 9117 crop project 12 {reflection} | Danville CA child, senior, family photographer



pixel project 12 {reflection} | Danville CA child, senior, family photographer
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Rachel - I am crazy about this image! The lines of the glass, the dof, the landscape reflected in both the glass and the water…. Like holding an enchanted Forrest in your palm! Love.

Christine b - This is such a cool shot Krista! Love it! Congrats on the personal trainer, hope it is going well…I NEED to get to start too : (

Laura Veno - I love the creativity in your image! This really has gotten my imagination going. What a great idea!

Kim - I love this, Krista! It is beautiful and unique.

Laurie - I love your take on this month’s theme! The colors are beautiful! I love how the reflection is abstract. Just stunning :)

Cassandra Oleary - Congrats on the personal trainer! I really need to get my butt moving! Thank you for the welcome to the group I am really happy to be a part of this group! I love your reflection, and not just that I love the entire photo, I love the crop and the processing! It’s really pretty!! It’s a lovely calming shot!

Allison Jacobs - Love this Krista! Really, really love it! The reflection, the hand, the composition, the light….it is all PERFECT!

Jessica - Krista, I love this! It’s so abstract and beautiful, and the tones are gorgeous!

Suzanne Carey - Krista, I really love your editing style. It has such a soft quality about it. This is such a cool idea! I like looking into the glass and water and try to figure out if I can make out a person or where you are. :)

Amber Norris - That is a really cool shot!