Project 26: {week 8} tablescapes | Danville CA child, family & senior photographer

I have started a project 26 this year with a group of incredibly talented woman – 13 to be exact- from across the United States.  This 26 week project will consist of two blog posts each month, one will be a “me & mine” post and the second will be a challenge or theme photo.  This week’s theme is:  tablescapes.

Traditionally, tablescape images are photos of beautifully decorated tables.  Only one small problem.  We are a low key kitchen family.  We eat off of plastic Christmas plates most of the year.  I don’t care if the silverware matches.  I  just hope they use it more than their fingers.  If there is no burping or farting by the end of the meal I consider it to be successful event.

So I chose to approach this project a little differently.  I feel like the kitchen table is the heart of most homes and thought it would be fun to photograph the same table at different times of the day.   I have always loved my friend Judy’s table.  It’s big, solid, rustic and with a high gloss finish.   Judy’s table has seen the kids grow up and has been the place for many special memories.  We were lucky enough to be invited up there this past weekend and, as always, we had so much fun!  Here’s a glimpse into 24 hours at the table.

9 am

2 pm

Mexico Train with Judy and Grant  just finished.  Puzzle time at the end of the table with Carlie the dog and my Mt. Dew.

krista keller photography

 6 pm

Everyone back from a great day of skiing.  Kids were starving and apparently quite lupey as they tried to impress each other with cool food tricks.

krista keller

8:30 pm

Dying Easter eggs.  This was Jeremy’s first time.  I think he really liked it.

krista keller

 11 pm

We were stuffing Easter eggs when someone realizes that Judy (who has never stuffed eggs before) is being stingy on the candy.  One Starburst per egg.  For some reason, we thought this was hilariously funny.

8 am

Amazing breakfast.   Coffee cake crumbs.

9 am

The table is cleaned up.  Its been a fun but fast 24 hours.

Don’t forget to check out my incredibly talented friend, Jayme Franklin | San Mateo Ca Family Photographer

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  • Suzanne - I am in awe of your take on the theme this week. I love how my table starts out clean and then by 9:00 AM it looks like a tornado struck it. I loved seeing all the timestamps and what was going on at the table at that time. So creative!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carey Pace - could not possibly, possibly love this more, Krista!!! One, that first image is just stunning to me. Two, I love how you showed the love that the kitchen table receives over the course of a day. That is sooooo awesome. Oh, the stories a kitchen table could tell. Excellent excellent take on tablescape.ReplyCancel

  • misty setzler - Oh I love the way you put all the shots together, and all the different perspectives.ReplyCancel

  • tamsen - LOVE your take on this project! I also adore that first image, but love the idea of following the table throughout a fun weekend like this. Isn’t the kitchen table the heart of EVERYTHING?ReplyCancel

  • christineb - i just love this. wish I was there, looks like so much fun!!ReplyCancel

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